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April Fool's Day Bird/Whale Craft

Silly April Fool’s jokes are fun for kids.  How do you make a whale fly?  Why turn it into a bird of course. In this joke, children transform a Whale into a Bird by standing it on its head.  The simplicity of this joke is perfect for the younger crowd, just exploring jokes.  It’s fun for them to show parents and siblings this joke. 

What you'll need:

  • Whale/Bird Pattern

  • Glue stick

  • White Glue

  • Scissors

  • Construction Paper: Blue/Yellow/White/Dark Blue

  • Googly Eyes – Large size

  • Black Marker

How to make it:

  1. Print out the Kidfunideas Whale that flew pattern.  One side will be the Whale and the other side will be the Bird.  The same shape is used for both. Trace the pattern shapes onto the construction paper color indicated on the pattern and cut out. 

  2. To assemble:

  • Glue the white and blue circles together with a glue stick.  They are the same size so they should fit nicely. 

  • To make the Bird side:  take the circle headpiece and glue the head circle on top of the body piece with the white side facing down on the long side of the body piece opposite of the side that has a protrusion.

  • Next glue down the yellow beak onto the headpiece in the center.

  • Attach the wing piece next to the left of the head, nestling it into the shape so that it does not hang over any edges. 

  • Use your black marker to draw in two feet in the space that hangs down below the body of the bird.  Next, add two eyes above the beak.  You can use either 2 googly eyes or draw them in with a pen.  That’s it for the bird side.

  • To make the Whale side:  flip your bird over and this side will be the Whale.  The whale shape is easy to put together.  Start by using your black marker to draw a blowhole on the whale body below the white circle.  Now add a water spout in blue or black marker coming out of the blowhole extending into the white circle.

  • Add eyes next – you can draw them in or glue them on googly eyes.

  • Details:  Add a mouth for your whale next, and some lines on the tail fin.  That’s it for the whale

To do your April fool’s joke, hold your whale/bird with the whale showing.  Ask your audience, “My April Fool’s whale is a real trip; he becomes a bird when he does a flip!”  Then, flip over the whale and you have your bird.

Easy print version easy print icon April Fool's Day Trick: The Whale that flew

See How the trick works! April Fool's trick for kids: the whale that flew step one picture April Fool's Day trick: the whale that flew picture of the bird side April Fool's Day trick: the whale that flew picture of whale side April Fool's trick: the whale that flew picture of adding the details April Fool's day Bird/whale pattern April Fool's Day bird/whale pattern
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