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Hula Skirt and Flower Headdress

This easy Hula skirt kid’s craft is super quick to make and only takes a few supplies.  Your kids will be swaying to the music in no time.  This is a great activity for a party, sleepover, Luau, or as a fun dress-up activity!



What you'll need:

  • 1 yard each of 2 different color green cotton fabrics torn into 1 ½” strips.

  • Ribbon                                         

  • Scissors

  • Optional: For a more embellished look, try adding our simple flowers – Directions follow.


How to make it:

  1. We found our fabric at our local craft store. It came on a standard 44” bolt.  We chose from the clearance area so one yard cost us 3.99.  Fabric should rip on a straight line along the salvage line. An inch away from the edge, along the salvage, make a 2” slit.  Tear your fabric all the way to the other end of the fabric.  The first strip will probably not rip evenly because the edge is not even.  After the first tear, your fabric should rip evenly.

  2. Cut slits along the salvage line 1 ½” apart.  Carefully rip the fabric at each slit to create your fabric strips or, cut 1 ½” strips with scissors.  You should get approximately 38 strips from each yard of fabric.  Remove any stray threads.

  3. Measure your waist and add 6 inches. Cut your ribbon to this measurement. Lay your ribbon on a flat surface.

  4. You will be attaching one strip at a time.  Grab the center of one of your fabric strips and create a loop.  Pass the loop of the strip around the back of the ribbon at the center of the ribbon. Thread the ends of the strip through the loop and tighten to secure.  Continue attaching fabric strips in this way alternating colors until you have attached enough to cover your ribbon leaving 3 inches on each end of the ribbon.   Depending on the waist size you are making your skirt for, you should be able to get 2 skirts from 2 yards of fabric.




To Make flowers to attach to your skirt:

How to Make the Flowers:

  1. Cut tissue paper into 3 x 3” squares. 

  2. Stack 4 – 5 squares making a pile.

  3. Accordion fold each pile (like you were making a fan)

  4. Tie each folded group in the middle with string or twist tie.

  5. Separate the tissue layers fluffing toward the center.

  6. When they are fluffed as you like, attach them to your skirt waistband with the string.  Trim excess string.





Flower Headdress


You can also make a flower crown by measuring the circumference of your head, add 6 inches to that measure and cut a ribbon to that length.  Attach flowers to your ribbon leaving 3 inches on each ribbon end.  Tie the ends together and you will have a flower crown.


That’s it – so simple! Hula skirt and headdress for kids.  Make this super easy Hula skirt and headdress with your kids.  You'll be swaying to the music in no time hula skirt craft project hula skirt craft for kids hula skirt craft project hula skirt craft project hula skirt craft project hula skirt craft project hula skirt craft project for kids Hawaiian headdress craft for kids
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