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Bird House Mobile Craft

This easy kid’s Spring bird craft is a fun way for kids to take notice of the birds in their neighborhood.  It’s simple to put together and really cute to see hanging up. Check out more fun Kidfunideas Spring Crafts


What you'll need:

  • Bird printout

  • Paint – any color

  • Construction paper – any color

  • String or ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Toilet paper tube

  • Glue Stick

  • Paper plate- Large dinner size

  • tape

  • Hole punch

  • Pencil

How to make it:

To Make the Mobile base:

  1. Take your paper plate and draw a 1 ½” inch wide peace sign in the center.  Use your scissors to remove 3 sections in the middle of the plate, maintaining the peace sign.  The bottom of the plate will be the top of your mobile.

  2. Use a hole punch and make a hole on each section of the peace sign about 2 inches from the rim.  Take three- 12” pieces of ribbon or string and make a knot at one end.  Thread the unknotted ends through each of the holes you just made and gather them together making a knot or tying with a rubber band.  This will be how you will hang your mobile.

To make the bird houses:

  1.  Take 3 toilet paper tubes and trim off about an inch.  Next, take your scissors and make a hole in the tube in the center about the size of a half dollar.  Below this hole, take a sharp pencil and carefully make a hole below the first hole.  Paint your bird house and set aside to dry. 

  2. To make the roof of the bird house, download the roof pattern and cut out the circle shape from your choice of construction paper.  Cut along the lines indicated on the pattern and fold where indicated.   Take an 8” piece of ribbon or string and tape it to the roof of the bird house.  Form the circle shape into a cone and tape together.  Inside the cone, formed by the fold you made are two tabs.  Place a piece of tape on each of the tabs facing away from the center.  Position you roof over the bird house and insert the tabs into the bird house pressing the tape against the inside. 

  3. To make the bird perch, roll a small piece of construction paper into a tight roll taping it together and insert it into the pencil hole you made in the birdhouse. 

  4. To hang your birdhouses:  Make 3 holes in the paper plate on the rim of the plate about an inch away from the holes you made to hang the house.  Thread each ribbon from the bottom of the mobile to the top, making a knot to secure.

To make the hanging birds:

  1. Print out the bird pictures and cut them out.  They are mirror images.  Sandwich a piece of ribbon between the two pictures and glue together with glue stick.  We hung all the birds from a 6” section of ribbon - one bird in the center of the mobile and the others spaced along the rim of the plate.  Make holes in the mobile with a hole punch where you would like to hang your birds and thread the ends through the hole and knot at the top of the mobile to secure.

That’s it – a pretty and interesting Spring mobile! bird house mobile craft project - a fun Spring craft for kids

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