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Paper Plate Flying Saucers!

This easy kid’s activity is a lot of fun. We used two paper plates to make a frisbee.  You can color them however you want and play catch with them or make them into a ring toss.  It’s a fun way to get some exercise and make a quick craft at the same time.    Check out our other  easy games and projects too at


What you'll need:

·        2 Paper plates

·        Paints, markers, or crayons to decorate

·        Stapler

·        Scissors

How to make it:

1.     Trace a small circle using the top of a cup onto two plates and cut out the center.

2.     Decorate the bottom of each plate.

3.     Staple the two plates together along the outside rim in several places.

That’s it – now you are ready for some flying disk fun!


Easy print version 

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