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Runaway Train!   A Super Fun Magic Trick

Look Out, it’s a runaway train!  Kids “move the train with their minds” and a special magic wand in this nifty magic trick.  The power of magnets and a little prep is all you need to pull off this trick that will amaze.  It’s a super easy-to-make craft activity for kids.  Try out some of the other easy to make Kidfunideas magic themed activities and projects and you’ll be able to put on your own magic show.



What you'll need:

  • Duct Tape: Black and White

  • Small round magnets (Available at craft or hardware stores)

  • Section of newspaper

  • Tape

  • Hot glue (Adult to help)

  • One bottle cork

  • 1 Brio – like train with magnet ends 


How to make it:

Make the wand -

  1. Take your small round magnets and stack as many as needed so that when you hold the magnet ends next to the train back magnet, it scoots forward.  Depending on the strength of your magnet, this might vary.  We needed 3.

  2. Take your stacked magnets and hot glue them to one end of the bottle cork. You won’t have to glue individual magnets to each other, they should just stick. Set aside.

  3. Take a section of newspaper and roll it tightly until it is the same diameter as your cork/magnet piece. Secure the newspaper roll with scotch tape.

  4. Using your black duct tape, tape the cork to the rolled newspapers at one end. Now continue covering the cork, magnet, and newspapers until everything except the opening where the magnet shows is covered in black tape.

  5. Cut a small square of the white duct tape and cover the end with the magnet.  Then cut another piece of the white tape and wrap it around the end of the wand to make the tip.

  6. You now have your “magic” wand and are ready to make the train move.

Set your Brio train on a table or a piece of track and tell your audience that you are going to move the train with your mind.  Whip out your wand and circle the train a few times saying your magic words. Then, using the end of your wand,  carefully get close to the end magnet on the train.  The train should scoot away – Voila! Runaway Train Magic trick for kids.  Easy magic trick for kids to learn.  We used magnets to make this train look like it moves using a magic wand. runaway train magic trick runaway train magic trick runaway train magic trick runaway train magic trick
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