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Calico/Flint Corn Pictures

    These quick-to-make autumn pictures are a fun and easy harvest activity.  We use colored breakfast cereal balls - Like Trix Cereal to be the corn kernels on our Calico or Flint corn pictures. 

    Kids love to glue down the colorful cereal balls.  



 What you'll need:

  • Construction paper:  green, yellow & orange

  • Scissors

  • Calico Corn pattern pieces

  • Pencil

  • White glue

  • Glue stick

  • Colored Cereal balls (like Trix cereal)

How to make it:

  1.      Cut out the corn cob shapes from construction paper in the color indicated on the pattern.  Place the green corn stalk piece on the orange paper and glue it down with a glue stick.  

  2.      Glue the yellow corn cob piece on top of the green backing piece.  Before attaching the two front stalk pieces, using your pencil curl the narrow ends of the green corn stalks around the pencil.  Glue the two pieces to the bottom of the corn cob. 

  3.      Apply a layer of glue to the yellow portion that is exposed on the corn cob.  Next, add your cereal to be the corn kernels.  Set your Calico corn picture aside to dry.  When it is dry add details to your cornstalk with a marker.  

That's it, super simple and so cute! easy print icon

Easy print version 

Kidfunideas Calico or Flint corn harvest pictures
Kidfunideas Calico or Flint corn art project
Calico or Flint corn harvest art project
Kidfunideas Calico or Flint corn art project
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