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Ribbon Dancers!

Ribbon Dancing is such a graceful and fun way to get some exercise.  Our easy Ribbon Dancer craft is so simple to make that kids will be able to use them in just a few minutes.  Twirling the ribbons to music is so fun and satisfying.  Find more fun and easy games and projects at

What you'll need:

  • Length of  wire ribbon the arm span of your child

  • One chopstick or unsharpened pencil

  • Duct tape or other strong tape

  • Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Have your child spread his/her arms wide and cut a length of ribbon that is the length from one hand to the other across their body.  The length of the ribbon will vary with the size of the person.  You want a length of ribbon that is long enough to twirl but not so long that they will be tripping on it.

  2. Carefully pull the wire out of the ribbon on both sides of the ribbon.  Save the wire from one side.  This is a good step for an adult because it can be tricky.  Save the wire from the ribbon.  If you are using an unwired ribbon, you can continue to step 3.

  3. Lay your ribbon on a flat surface and put the large end of the chopstick or the eraser end of a pencil on one end of the ribbon.  Wrap the ribbon around the chopstick end. 

  4. Take the wire that you removed from the ribbon and wrap it around the ribbon-covered chopstick to secure it in place.  If you are using an unwired ribbon, you can secure your ribbon in place with floral wire or twist ties.

  5. Take a strip of duct tape and cover the wired area of your chopstick.

That’s it.  Now you are ready to use your ribbon dancer!

Easy print version easy print icon Easy Fishing Game! Ribbon Dancer
Ribbon dancer tutorial.  showing the wire in the ribbon
ribbon dancer tutorial
ribbon dancer tutorial
kidfunideas ribbon dancer tutorial
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