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Inside Snowball Fun

Here are two really fun and silly kid games to play when you are stuck inside. The first is a silly snowball battle game and the other is a giant snowball game.   

Snowball Battle game

What you'll need:

  • Standard size pool noodle  or several white balled-up socks

  • White sheet or fabric

  • Plastic knife

  • Scissors

  • Two laundry baskets

  • A couple of chairs or couch

How to make the snowballs:

  1. First, you will need to make several “snowballs.”  You can do this easily by balling up several pairs of white socks or by making some snowballs out of a pool noodle and a white sheet.  To make the snowballs:

    1. Measure the diameter of the pool noodle and add 2 inches.  Along the narrow end of the sheet, mark the sheet this measure.  Cut all the way down the length of the sheet.

    2. Gather the narrow ends of the sheet and sew all down the length of the sheet making a long sleeve.  Turn the sleeve inside out so that the seam is on the inside.

    3. Use a plastic knife to cut the pool noodle into 3-inch sections. Use the scissors to taper the edges of the cut noodle pieces.

    4. Cut the white sleeve you made into 5” sections.  One at a time insert the pool noodle pieces into the sleeve sections with the pool noodle holes facing out into the sleeve.  Tuck the sleeve ends into the holes of the pool noodle on each side of the noodle section.  This will create your “snowball”.  Make several of these snowballs.  Each noodle will make approximately 21 snowballs.

    5. If you do not want to make the snowballs from a pool noodle you can use balled-up white socks. 

  2. How to play:

    1. Clear a large room of things that might trip anyone and place a row of chairs or a couch in the center of the area.  You can also tie a sheet waist-high between two areas to create a divider. 

    2. Break into two teams of 3 or fewer players. Each team should have at least 20 snowballs.  For larger groups, you will need more snowballs.  Divide the snowballs up between the two teams

    3. Place a large laundry basket in the center of each side

    4. Have an adult say, “ready, set, go!”  When the two teams hear the word “go” they start flinging their snowballs into the other team’s area trying to make it into the other team's basket.  If a ball lands in the basket, it cannot be removed from the basket.  If the ball lands on the floor the other team can pick it up and throw it into the other team’s basket.

    5. After 5 minutes of ball flinging, the adult calls, “time” and play stops.  The team with the most balls in the other team’s basket wins.


Giant Snowball game

What you'll need:

  • 2 Heavy duty dinner size paper plates

  • 2 large popsicle sticks

  • Duct tape

  • White Balloon

  1. First, you will need to make two paddles using the paper plates and the Popsicle sticks.  Take the paper plate and turn it over.  Lay the Popsicle stick down on the back of the plate about 2” from the rim.  Trace around the stick and then set it aside.  Make two slits in the paper plate across the traced mark you made about 1 apart.

  2. Thread the stick from the back through the slit closest to the rim of the plate and back through the second slit. 

  3. Use duct tape to tape over the Popsicle stick on the front and back of the plate.  These will be your paddles.

Divide the room into two areas like in the above game.  Blow up a white balloon.  See how many times you can hit the balloon back and forth across the divide without the balloon hitting the ground. Inside snowball battle picture of pool noodle snowballs Inside snowball battle game picture of shaping the pool noodles to make balls Inside snowball battle picture of covering the pool noodles to make snowballs Giant snowball game picture of making the paddles for the game Giant snowball game picture of the finished paddles for the game easy print icon

Easy print version 

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