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String Painting!

This easy kid’s activity is a surprisingly beautiful craft. It’s almost like magic when your remove the string and unfold your paper.  Once you have your designs you can add on with more or leave then as is.   Check out our other  easy games and projects too at


What you'll need:

·        Paper

·        Acrylic paints

·        String

·        Water

·        Small containers to mix your paint in

How to make it:


1.     Cut off a length of string.  Around 20” works nicely.  Run your string under water and squeeze out the water.  You want your string damp,

2.     Put small puddles of paint into your container.  You will need about the size of a quarter.

3.     Drag the string into the paint until it is coated.  Again, you just want your string damp, not dripping paint.

4.     Place your paint wet string onto the paper in a loopy pattern so that one end is at the bottom and easy to reach.

5.     Fold the paper in half or, place another paper on top of the string.

6.     Holding the paper down, gently pull the string out of the paper.

7.     Open up your paper and you will see the neat string design.

8.     You can repeat this on the paper with other colors or layer more on top. 




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