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Lettuce Give Mom Roses!


It’s fun to give mom roses on her special day & these roses are fun to make.  This is a nifty kid’s craft for Mother’s Day that uses romaine lettuce to make roses.  Mom is sure to love these clever flowers.


 What you'll need:

  • Craft paint in whatever color roses you would like plus green for the stems

  • Paper plate to hold the paint

  • White Card stock or construction paper 12 x 18”

  • Vase pattern

  • Romaine lettuce and a plastic knife

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick


How to make it:

  1. Cut a Romaine lettuce head in the center, leaving about 4” of the leaves and the core.  The cut end will be the end you will dip in paint.  If you are using celery, cut the celery about 3 inches up from the core.  Again, the cut end will be the part you dip into paint.

  2. Pour a couple of tablespoons of paint into a paper plate and dip the ends of your celery or lettuce into the paint.  You can mix colors together or just use one.  Take your paint-dipped end and press it carefully onto the paper in the upper 2/3 of the paper.  Make sure you save room for the vase. 

  3. Once you have all of your flower prints on the paper, use a paintbrush and some green paint to draw in the flower stems making it so they gather in the center of the lower half of the paper below the flowers.

  4. Cut out your vase using the vase pattern from construction paper and use a glue stick to glue it onto your paper over the flower stems.  Set your paper aside to dry.

  5. Once your paint is dry if you would like to add a ribbon to the vase, carefully make two holes with the pointed end of a pencil where the vase indents.  Run a ribbon from the front and around the back of your vase into the other hole and tie it in front in a loose bow.  Be careful not to tie the ribbon too tight or you will curve or rip your paper.    Print out and add a to Mom tag if desired.

That’s it!  Now you have a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mom that doesn’t need watering.

Easy print version Mother's day craft for kids to make.  Easy and beautiful rose craft for kids to make Mom  using lettuce and celery to print on paper Lettuce give mom roses craft for kids lettuce give mom roses craft for kids Lettuce give mom roses pattern lettuce give mom roses pattern lettuce give mom roses pattern
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