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Porcupine Painting!

Here's a quick and easy painting project that is really fun to try.  We used diluted craft paint and straws on our Porcupine template (below) to create a really fun craft.     Check out the instructions for 2 bonus craft ideas and, find more easy games and projects at


What you'll need:

·        Construction Paper or Cardstock

·        Any color Craft paint

·        Water

·        Porcupine template

·        Straw

How to make the Porcupine:

 Print out the Porcupine template.

1.     Take a small amount of craft paint and add a few drops of water to dilute it.  If you have very runny paint, you can skip this step.  (Tip:  if you do not have paint, you can use food coloring for this project)

2.     Lay your Porcupine picture on a flat surface and add one dot of your diluted paint next to the hairline.  Take your straw and blow the paint away from the Porcupine face.  Continue adding dots of paint and blowing them out until you have your porcupine “quill” filled in.




Bonus Craft Ideas!  

Splotchy Monsters:

You can use this same paint-blowing technique to create cute little monsters.  Get a white sheet of paper and add splotches of your diluted paint to the paper.  Blow the paint out and away from the center of the paint blotch.  Once dry, you can add legs, googly eyes, arms, or, other features. 



Crazy Hair Day Picture:

Draw a face on white paper.  Do not draw in the hair.  Using the same blowing technique as the porcupine craft, dot on your paint along the hairline and blow the paint away from the face. Porcupine painting template
Porcupine painting image. porcupine painting setting up the craft Splotchy Monsters craft

Easy print version 

Porcupine Template.jpg
Crazy Hair Template final.jpg
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