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Over the Rainbow Snack Plates!

This project is a terrific way to introduce kids to a number of fruits and vegetables.  Having them make their own rainbow snack plate encourages them to try foods they might turn their noses up at the lunch table.  Make an all-fruit or all vegetable plate, or a combination of fruits and vegetables.   Add in some cheese, ranch dip, or yogurt dipping sauce, or peanut butter and kids start trying lots of new foods.  Sorting the colors and putting them in rainbow order works perfectly to incorporate into any rainbow theme. Be sure to try out our other Kidfunideas activities too.


What you'll need:

  • Paper plates

  • Variety of different fruits and/or vegetables/ or other colored foods

  • Optional- Dips like Ranch, Onion, yogurt, peanut butter


How to make it:

  1. Prepare your fruits and vegetables by cleaning them, cooking if necessary, and cutting them into bite-size pieces.  Please be cautious with foods like grapes which may pose a choking hazard for some age groups.  Cutting them lengthwise can help.  If you cannot find food for your color group, try supplementing with cheeses, or other items – check the list below.

  2. Arrange your foods on a large tray in rainbow order and have kids make their choices.  Arrange the food either one row at a time in rainbow order, or in bunches in rainbow order on a paper plate. 

  3. Having dips to choose from is also fun.

Rainbow order:  Purple/Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange/Red               

 It’s always good to try fruits and vegetables that are in season because they are usually less expensive and taste better.  If you can’t find a colorful fruit or vegetable in one of the colors, try using a dip/yogurt or cheese to take its place. .  Here’s a list of some that we thought of:


Purple Foods: 

Grapes  / Eggplant  /  Dehydrated Cranberries/  Dehydrated blueberries / blueberry yogurt  /  Red Cabbage  / some Broccoli  / Some potatoes / Passion fruit  / Plumbs / Blackberries  / Cherries  / Concord Grapes  /  Some carrots  / purple olives  / some Kale/ Purple pole beans  / Kidney beans


Blue Foods: (This is a tricky group as there are not many in this category)

Blue berries / Blueberry yogurt / blue corn tortilla / some plums / Some Potatoes


Green Foods:  Grapes / Celery / Edemame / Peas/ Leafy Greens / Asparagus / Broccoli / Brussels sprouts / Kiwi / Green Onions/ Peppers / Some pears/ Green beans


Yellow Foods:    Banana / Yellow Pepper / Corn / Pineapple / Pears / Some Cheeses/ Crookneck Squash / Yellow corn tortillas / Grapefruits/ Lemon Yogurt / Egg / Polenta / Yellow wax beans / some Cherries


Orange Foods:  Tangerines / Oranges / Carrots / Orange Peppers / Sweet Potatoes / Apricots / Cantaloupe / Mangoes / Peaches / Nectarines / Some Cheeses / Orange yogurt / Salmon / Pumpkin / Papaya


Red Foods:  Tomatoes/ Red peppers/ Outside of Some cheeses / Cranberries – fresh and dry / Raspberries / Strawberries/ Red Apples/ Watermelon / Cherries / Pomegranate  / Strawberry or cherry yogurt/ Ketchup / Red potatoes / Outside of cooked crab/shrimp/lobster / Rhubarb / Kidney beans/ Salsa / Barbeque covered drumsticks/  Spaghetti sauce covered pasta Rainbow snack plates.  Healthy and delicious a fun rainbow activity for kids eat a rainbow healthy snack craft for kids eat a rainbow healthy snack craft for kids
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