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Handprint Flying Ghost

Boooo!  Here’s a cute little flying ghost that is just the right addition to your Halloween décor.  Made with construction paper and an extended tracing of your hand, this fun kid’s craft is as individual as your kids.  Make up a whole gaggle of goofy ghosties for a fun take-home party favor or to spook up the house or classroom.  Check out our other Kidfunideas Halloween projects too.

What you'll need:

  • 11 x 18” construction paper: White

  • Scissors

  • 2 googly eyeballs and white glue – or peel and stick eyeballs

  • Black marker

  • Fishing line

  • Milkshake straw

  • Hole punch

How to make it:

  1. Lay your construction paper on a flat surface and place the palm of your hand flat on the paper with the fingers pointing towards the other end.

  2. Use your pencil to trace your handprint leaving the fingertips open.

  3. Remove your hand and extend the lines of your fingers all the way to the other side of the paper.  They can be wavy or straight.

  4. Cut out your shape.

  5. Glue on the eyes or, if you are using peel and stick eyeballs, peel the backing off and apply them to your ghost face.  The extended fingers will be the bottom of your ghost.

  6. Draw in the mouth with the black marker.

  7. Use your hole punch to make a hole in both the end of the straw and the top of your ghost head.

  8. Cut a 6-8 inch piece of fishing line and attach it to both the straw end and the ghost head.  You can attach your ghost to the straw to fly around the room or, leave the straw off and hang it on the window or from the ceiling with tape.


That’s it!  Quick, simple, and so easy it’s spooky. Now you are ready to fly them around the room holding on to the straw as a handle. You can also make a handful of ghosts to hang from the trees outside or from the windows.  Just omit the straw and tie or tape them directly to where you want them to hang. Handprint ghost craft for kids handprint Halloween ghost craft Handprint ghost craft for kids
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