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Rainy Day Water Color Picture

This fun and easy kid’s art project is the perfect thing to make on a stuck inside rainy day.  These beautiful watercolor prints are not just gorgeous, but they smell good too.  We used unsweetened Kool-aid packets and a squirt bottle to make these nifty works of art.  


What you'll need:

  • White Card stock

  • An assortment of unsweetened Kool-aid packets

  • Fine mist squirt bottle filled with water

  • Paper towels

  • Small paint brush

  • Black permanent marker


How to make it:

  1. Lay your cardstock on a clean flat surface.  Empty your Kool-aid packets in to little bowls (Tip:  place the packets next to the bowls so you can see what color the Kool-aid  will be when wet.)

  2. Take your dry brush and use it to dip into the Kool-aid and apply it to the paper.  Once you have the design you like, place your squirt bottle on mist setting and begin to mist your picture with the water.  The colors of the Kool-aid should liquefy and begin to turn vibrant.  Do not oversaturate your picture

  3. Use your paint brush to blend and mix the colors on the page, adding more Kool-aid if desired.

  4. Let your picture dry and you’re done!  Now you have some super cool sweet smelling art! Rainy day water color pictures Rainy day watercolor picture step one picture rainy day watercolor picture- applying the water to the kool-aid

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