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Mini Leprechaun Me Craft

This craft is a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  These little leprechauns look great clipped to a collar, on the refrigerator or desk.   Have more fun with Leprechauns and make our Leprechaun trap! 

What you'll need:

  • Photo of Child

  • Construction Paper: Green/Orange/Yellow/Black

  • Toilet paper tube

  • Tape

  • Small metal bendable girls hairclip

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Print out the Little Leprechaun Me Pattern and cut the pieces out of the colored construction paper indicated. 

  2. Print out your child’s photo so that the face size fits in the hole provided by the beard piece.  Trim the face out of your photo and fit the photo into the beard taping it into place on the back.  If no photos are available, you can place a piece of paper behind the beard and draw in the face.

  3. Attach the mustache to the face with a glue stick centering it under the photo nose.

  4. Attach the hat brim to the hat with glue and, attach one of the buckle pieces in the center of the hat brim with a glue stick.

  5. Attach the belt onto the body with a glue stick, and attach the remaining buckle piece with glue, centering it on the tummy.

  6. Next, attach the two shoes to the bottom of the legs, and, the two hands to the bottom of the sleeves with a glue stick.

  7. Attach the head of your leprechaun to the body with a glue stick.

  8. Cut a 2 x 4 ½ inch strip of the green construction paper to use as a backing strip.  Next, take your metal hair clip and open it up.  Place the clip in the center of the backing strip in the open position and attach it to the backing strip with tape, tapping over the middle section of the clip only.  Attach your backing strip to the back of your leprechaun with clear tape.  This clip will allow you to clip your leprechaun to your collar or to attach it to a magnet on the refrigerator. 

  9. To make the stand for your leprechaun, cover a toilet paper roll in green construction paper with tape.  You can now clip your leprechaun to the toilet paper roll so he can stand up or balance on top of the table.

Easy print version easy print icon Mini Leprechaun Me Craft for St. Patrick's Day Mini Leprechaun Me step one putting the photo in the craft Little Leprechaun me craft picture of putting the hat on the Leprechaun Little Leprechaun Me picture of attaching the clip Little Leprechaun me picture of attaching the stand to the Leprechaun Little Leprechaun me pattern Little leprechaun me pattern piece St. Patrick's day craft, Little Leprechaun me pattern
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