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Poinsettia Wall Pictures

These colorful flowers are such a seasonal favorite.  Kids love making a bunch of these and hanging them on the wall or windows - So easy to make and so colorful and pretty. 


What you’ll need:

  • 1-  Red Craft foam sheet per flower(plain or glitter)

  • Yellow and orange tissue

  • Scissors

  • Glue dots or hot glue

  • 1 metal paper fastener

  • 1 sheet of green felt or foam

  • 1 metal nail file or bamboo skewer

  • Hole punch

  • Pencil

  • Poinsettia flower pattern


How to make it:

  1. Cut out the flower petal pieces from the red foam sheet.  If you are using glitter foam sheets, trace out your pattern pieces on the non-glittery side on the back of the foam sheet.  You should be able to fit 1 each of the small petals, 1 each of the middle size petals, and 6-7 of the large petals per foam sheet.

  2. Once all your petals are cut out, separate them into 3 piles – small, medium, and large size.

  3. Take each petal and use your hole punch to make a hole where indicated on the pattern.

  4. Next, take your bamboo skewer or pointed end of a nail file and draw in the veins on each of the flower petals.  Next shape your petals by folding the petal in half lengthwise along the stem and then curving the outside edges over a pencil.  This will give each of your petals a 3D look.

  5. Once you have a hole punched, and shaped each petal it is time to assemble your flower.  Take your metal paper fastener and thread on the three smallest petals first, fanning them out evenly.  Next thread on the three middle-size petals, fanning them out as well.  Last, thread on the 6-7 large size leaves fanning them out.

  6. In the back of the leaves, open up the metal paper fastener to secure the petals in place.

  7. Turn your flower right side up and make the centers next.   For the center area, you will need to cut 4 squares each from both orange and yellow tissue.  Each square should be 1 ½” x 1 ½”.  Lay the yellow squares down, top with the orange squares and gather each stack at the center, smashing the ends down a little. Do the same for the other 3 tissue pairs.

  8. Place four glue dots around the center of your flower to cover the metal paper fastener and attach your tissue bundles to each glue dot. If you do not have glue dots, you can use hot glue on the low-temperature setting.

  9. To attach your flowers to the green foam sheet or felt, use a sharpened pencil to make a small hole in the foam sheet and thread your metal paper fastener through the hole, reopening it to secure the petals in place.

Easy print version easy print icon for poinsettia craft project Poinsettia craft project final produt picture poinsettia picture directions - laying out your pattern picture poinsettia craft project picture directions- how to shape the petals picture poinsettia craft project directions picture - assembling the flower picture poinsettia craft project picture directions - making the flower centers picture poinsettia craft project picture example - what the flower looks like when finished
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