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Frankenstein Monster Craft

This is a really easy Frankenstein craft that looks great hanging on the wall and is put together in a snap. Simply download the pattern and cut and paste. Try out our other Kidfunideas Halloween theme projects too! 

What you'll need:

  • Construction Paper: Green/Purple/Black/Blue/Pink/White

  • Glue Stick

  • Tape

  • Scissors

  • Black and silver marker

  • Frankie Pattern

  • Optional: White glue and silver glitter


How to make it:

  1. Print out our Frankie pattern pieces and cut them out from the construction paper indicated.

  2. Take the head shape and glue on the hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrow. 

  3. Attach the headpiece to the shirt piece by taping the head to the back of the shirt piece.

  4. Attach the bolts to the neck with a glue stick.

  5. Attach the handpieces to the arms with glue and then attach the arms to the shirt with tape on the back of the shirt piece.

  6. Add the center shirt piece to the middle of the jacket.

  7. Add the blue pants to the jacket by taping them onto the back of the jacket in the back.

  8. Attach the legs to the boot pieces with glue and then attach the legs to the pants in the back with tape.

Details:   Time to add some details

  • Draw in the eye pupils with a black marker

  • Add a scar or two on the face with a black marker

  • Add silver glitter to the bolts with white glue

  • Draw in the lapels of the jacket with a silver marker or white crayon

  • Add a patch to the pants with a silver marker

  • To hang-  add a loop of string with tape in the back

Kidfunideas Frankenstein Monster craft Frankenstein Monster craft

Easy print version 

Frankie pattern1.jpg Frankenstein Monster wall craft
Frankie pattern5.jpg
Frankie pattern4.jpg
Frankie pattern3.jpg
Frankie pattern2.jpg
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