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Dr. Seuss Hats

You’ll be all ready for a visit from the Cat in the Hat with these silly Seuss Hats.  Perfect to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday and quick to put together, these goofy hats are great to make for a classroom project or with any group of Seuss lovers. Have more Seuss fun and make our Green Eggs and Ham Treats!

What you'll need:

  • Heavy-duty white dinner size paper plate

  • White butcher paper

  • Pencil

  • Red Construction Paper

  • Red Duct Tape

  • Tape measure

  • Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Using a tape measure and measure the diameter of the child’s head you are making the hat for & add 1 inch.  (Tip: if you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a string to measure the circumference of the head and add just a smidge extra.)

  2. In the center of your plate, carefully poke a hole with your pencil and insert your scissors into the hole.  Cut from the hole towards the edge of the plate which will be the brim of the hat.  Leave a 1 ½ to 2-inch edge for a brim.  Like cutting a pizza, make 8 – 10 cuts from the center of the plate to the brim. Bend the edges up and try on the brim for fit.  This is the time to adjust the fit, making it larger if necessary by cutting closer to the edge of the plate if needed.  Once your hat brim fits nicely, take a piece of tape and tape the size into place.  Next, trim off the pointed edges of the plate to 2 – 3 inches.

  3. Next, roll out and cut about 24 inches of the butcher paper.  Tape it on the corners to a flat surface like a table. 

  4. To create the hat stripes:  Take a strip of the red duct tape and, starting at the bottom of the paper lay down a strip of tape that goes all the way across and hangs over the edge about 1 ½ inches on one side.  Place another strip above that one also leaving 1 ½ inches hanging over at one end.  Leave approximately  2 ½ inches of white space above the next double row of tape, continuing until you have three red stripes and two white.

  5. Next, flip over your striped paper and join the two ends together, matching up the stripes on either end.

  6. Set your stripped hat tube on the floor and insert your hat brim into the end.  Tape the brim to the hat tube from the inside with more tape.  Use either the red duct tape or white if you have it.

  7. For the top of the hat:  From red construction paper, cut a circle that is the same size as your plate.  Next, draw a smaller circle inside the first circle that is approximately the size of your child’s head – it doesn’t have to be too exact.  Cut tabs from the outer edge of the circle to the inner circle all the way around and bend all the tabs up around the circle.  Next, attach the circle to the top of the hat by taping the tabs to the top of the hat with strips of red tape.

That’s it – you’re sure to be ready for any visit from the cat with your hat!

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