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Strike Him Out Baseball Catapult Game!

This fun kid’s craft lets you strike out the batter at the plate.  We use ping pong balls and a catapult to strike out our batter.  Try your luck and Strike Him Out! Make a couple and you can race to see who can get three balls through the target first. 



What you'll need:

  • Baseball batter print out

  • Glue stick

  • Craft knife (adult supervision recommended)

  • Cardstock

  • Optional: Laminating machine

  • Shoebox

  • 3 ping pong balls

  • For the catapult:

  • One 2” binder clip

  • One firm heavy-duty plastic spoon

  • Thin cardboard

  • Duct tape

  • 3oz plastic cup


How to make it:

  1. Print out the Kidfunideas baseball batter printout.  We have two versions to choose from.  If you have a laminating machine, laminate your picture.  If you do not have a laminating machine, glue your batter to a piece of cardstock.  Have an adult carefully use a craft knife to cut out the strike zone hexagon shape.  Take a strip of tape and tape your batter to the narrow end of a shoebox.  You need to have a box that is at least as long as your batter.  Stand the shoebox on its narrow end so that the batter faces out and covers the opening of the box.  Any balls you shoot through the strike zone will end up inside the box.

To make the catapult: 

  1. Take a 5” strip of duct tape and press the center only to the back of the spoon.  This will leave two flaps of tape you will use to attach the cup.  Next, fit the 3oz plastic cup into the center of the spoon and attach it to the spoon with the ends of the tape from the back of the spoon.   Last take another strip of duct tape and tape around the outside of the cup. 

  2. Start by cutting a 4 x 5” piece of thin cardboard.  This will be the base of the catapult. 

  3. Place your binder clip in the center of the cardboard with one of the metal tabs forward and flat against the cardboard.  Use duct tape to attach this tab directly to the cardboard.  Place a 2 x 4” strip of cardboard on top of the taped-down tab and tape the cardboard strip to the base.  Fold the binder clip back over the taped-down tab.

  4. Take your heavy-duty plastic spoon (you will need a spoon that is very firm without too much ability to bend along the shaft) and fit the spoon handle into the channel of the folded over binder clip so that the spoon is facing away from the binder clip and the handle is up against the remaining tab

  5. Use a piece of duct tape to attach the spoon to the binder clip tab.  With the tab positioned back against the clip, use another strip of duct tape to tape the spoon and tab to the cardboard base.  Optional: Cover the remaining base with cardboard if you like to give it a more finished appearance – or leave it how it is now.

To play your game:

Set up your batter target on a flat surface like a table and position your catapult opposite the batter.  Insert your ping pong ball into the catapult.  With your left hand hold the base of the catapult down and use a flicking motion with your index finger of your other hand to propel the ball forward toward your target.   Your catapult may have to be raised up in order to reach the correct height to get into the strike zone.  This is because shoebox-size varies as does the flexibility of plastic spoons.  Once you have the correct height see how quickly you can get three balls into the box through the strike zone.  Or, make two of these batters and catapults and race your friends to see who can get three balls in first.

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