Easter Egg Kids

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This easy to make kid’s Easter craft has uses photos of the kids in a really clever way.  Popping out of their own little egg, hatch the cutest little guys. Make a bunch and use them at the Holiday table for a fun and unique decoration.  You can nestle them in a basket or pretty bowl or put them at each place setting for a photo place card.

 What you'll need:

  • Photo of Child

  • Glue stick

  • Plastic Easter egg – large size

  • Scissors

  • Small piece of green Play dough

  • Easter grass or tissue

  • Basket or bowl

  • Card stock or Laminator

How to make it:

  1. Take some photos of your child from the waist up and print out a copy.  Trim around the photo and glue it on card stock or laminate it and trim away the excess.

  2. Separate the plastic egg and use the bottom half. 

  3. Take a small piece of Play dough and fill the bottom of the egg ¾ of the way.  Gently insert your photo into the Play dough.  The weight of the dough should keep your egg from tipping over.

  4. Cover the Play dough with Easter grass, pressing some into the dough.  Place your cute little eggs in a grass lined Easter basket or pretty bowl.  Optional:  Make a little sign using the Happy Easter sign by mounting on construction paper and taping to a Popsicle stick.

These cute photo eggs are fun to have at the Easter table and make cute place card holders.


Happy Easter!


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