Igloo Pictures

This really fun seasonal kid's craft is great to make during those cold days when you are stuck inside.  We glued marshmallows to paper to make an igloo and pasted down a number of arctic animals.    Find more arctic activities: Arctic animal match game or Polar bear paper bag puppet. 



What you'll need:

  • Igloo pattern and arctic animal printouts

  • Construction paper: blue and white

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • Grey crayon

  • A scrap of yellow paper

  • White glue and mini Marshmallows or Cotton balls


How to make it:

  1. Print out our Igloo and Arctic animal printouts and cut them out.

  2. Take your white piece of paper and cutting lengthwise, cut out one or two wavy shapes.  This will be the snow where all your animals and igloo sit.  Leave some blue area for sky and water.

  3. Place your animals and igloo around your landscape and glue them into place with a glue stick. 

  4. Use your grey crayon to draw in some shadows on the white paper to indicate little hills.

  5. Next, use white glue to glue marshmallows or cotton balls into the squares of the igloo for a 3D look.  (Tip:  old stale marshmallows work best.  Don’t be afraid to smoosh them down to fit your squares) Let your marshmallows dry. 

  6. Use a scrap of yellow paper to make a sun and glue it into the sky.  That’s it.  A fun arctic scene.

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Easy print version 

Kidfunideas.com Arctic animals and igloo picture final example
Kidfunideas.com Arctic scene and igloo pictures step one picture
Kidfunideas.com Arctic scene and igloo picture step 2 picture
Kidfunideas.com Arctic scene and igloo picture of attaching the marshmallows to the paper
Kidfunideas.com Arctic animals picture of the animals
Kidfunideas.com Arctic scene and igloo picture of the igloo to print out