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Cupcake Paper Snowman

If you are looking for a super quick and easy holiday craft, this is the one for you.  Make our Cupcake Paper Snowman! With his carrot nose and big black hat, he’s a fun and adorable addition to your holiday decorations. 


What you’ll need:

  • Construction paper: blue, orange, black, white

  • One brown pipe cleaner cut in half

  • White cupcake papers

  • 2 Googly eyeballs

  • 3 craft spangles, buttons, or gems

  • Scissors

  • White  glue and  glue stick

  • Tape

  • Kidfunideas Snowman hat  pattern

  • 1 piece of ribbon

  • Black marker


How to make it:

  1. Cut out the Snowman hat and nose pattern pieces from the colors indicated on the pattern.

  2. Take your white piece of construction paper and rip off a strip about 1-2” across the entire bottom edge of the paper.  This will be the snow that you will set your snowman on.  Use a glue stick to glue this white strip to the bottom half of your blue piece of paper, matching up the straight edge of the white strip with the straight edge of the blue paper at the bottom of the paper.

  3. Glue 1 cupcake paper to the blue paper so that it rests right on the snowy ground you created. If your white cupcake papers are very thin, you can glue two papers together to make them less see-through.

  4. Take your brown pipe cleaner and cut it in half at the center.  Bend one end and create 2-3 fingers for your snowman. 

  5. Before gluing on the second cupcake paper, tape your two snowman arms to the paper where they will be covered by the second cupcake paper.  Then glue your second cupcake paper to the blue paper on top of the arms so that it looks like the arms are coming out to the snowman.

  6. Take an eight-inch piece of ribbon, fold it in half, and tape it just above the top of the second cupcake paper.  This will be the snowman’s scarf.

  7. Glue on the final cupcake paper above the second cupcake paper, covering the taped portion of the scarf.

  8. Glue on the hat, eyes, and nose next.  Wait until the glue is completely dry and then draw on the snowman’s mouth.

  9. Glue on three “buttons” to the snowman’s center cupcake paper section.  They can be whatever you have handy: stickers, spangles, real buttons, or craft gems

That’s it!  Let your chilly friend dry completely and he is ready to hang up on the refrigerator, window, or classroom wall.

Easy print version easy print icon for cupcake paper snowman Cup cake paper snowman craft for kids.  A fun classroom or holiday craft cup cake paper snowman craft example picture - making the background cup cake paper snowman craft example picture - attaching the arms cup cake paper snowman attaching the scarf cup cake paper snowman craft example picture - makeing the face cup cake paper snowman craft pattern
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