Paper Plate Ball Toss!

This easy kid’s activity is a lot of fun. We used two paper plates to make a Velcro ball toss game.    Color them however you like and have fun playing catch.  It’s a fun way to get some exercise and make a quick craft at the same time.    Check out our other  easy games and projects too at


What you'll need:

·        2 Paper plates

·        Paints, markers, or crayons to decorate

·        Stapler

·        Scissors

·        Velcro

·        Duct tape

·        Whiffle ball or other lightweight balls

How to make it:

1.     Decorate the front of each plate.

2.     Staple two strips of Velcro (The rough catchy side to the plates in an X.

3.     Take a strip of duct tape about 7” long and fold it in half to create a strip. 

4.     Flip each plate over and create a handle on the backside of each plate attaching it with a stapler.

To make the ball: attach the Velcro(fuzzy soft side) to one end of a straw to create a “needle” and thread your Velcro through the holes of the whiffle ball taping them to the ball with duct tape.  If you are using a plain plastic ball, take strips of the Velcro and attach it with duct tape. paper plate ball toss game paper plate ball toss game Paper plate ball toss game paper plate ball toss paper plate ball toss game paper plate ball toss

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