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Whoo's Ready for Autumn Handprint Owls

Here’s a quick and simple autumn craft that kids love to make.  Made with easy-to-find supplies and cutouts of your kid’s handprints, these cute little owls are the perfect decoration for autumn and a fun keepsake. 



What you'll need:

  • Toilet paper tube

  • Construction Paper: White, Orange & one other color for the wings

  • Black Marker

  • Scissors

  • Glue Stick

  • Tape

How to Make it: 

  1. Use a pencil to trace two handprints of your child’s hands onto their favorite color construction paper and cut them out.  It’s fun to let them choose their favorite color so that the owls can all look different.  For added interest, you can even choose patterned scrapbook paper.  These will be for the owl’s wings.

  2. Take your toilet paper tube and gently press two sides of the top of the tube to form the owl ears.

  3. Next cut out the tummy from a different color construction paper than the hands.  Glue or tape the tummy to the side of the tube so that the ears are on either side of the tummy.   

  4. Tape or glue the two hand shapes together with the thumb sides together.   Glue your hand shapes to the front of the owl, on top of the oval tummy.

  5. Cut out two eye shapes using the eye shape pattern from white construction paper.  In the center of the eye shapes, use your black marker to draw in the pupils. Glue your eyes onto the heels of your handprint cutouts. 

  6. Cut out the beak shape and feet from orange construction paper and glue it between the two eyes.

  7. Next, take your two feel shapes and attach them to the front of your tube below the belly.  Use tape to secure the ends on the inside of the tube.

  8. Cut out the “Whoo’s Ready for Autumn” talk bubble and attach it to your owl.  It should sit snuggly in the slit formed by the two ears or right behind one of the eyes.

Extra Fun:  These cute little owls make really fun place card markers for your Thanksgiving table.  Just write the dinner guest’s name in the talk bubble and set it at their place at the table.

Easy print version Whoo's ready for autumn easy owl craft for kids
Whoo's ready for autumn easy autumn owl craft for kids whoo's ready for autumn easy owl craft for kids whoo's ready for autumn easy owl craft for kids Whoo's ready for autumn easy owl craft pattern
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