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Fancy Tea Party Fans

This quick kid’s craft will be a perfect accessory to any tea party.  Fancy fans can be folded up and placed at each place setting.  Make these pretty fans in a variety of colors, all the same, or even use scrapbook paper for an extra fancy look. Have more tea party fun and make our Cheshire Cat craft or our Fancy Tea Party Place mats

What you'll need:

  • 2 pieces of 8 ½  x 11” paper and color or pattern

  • 1 pipe cleaner – any color

  • Card stock – any color

  • Scissors

  • Hole punch

  • Tape

  • Ribbon

  • 2 popsicle sticks

  • Flower pattern

How to make it:

  1. Take 2 pieces of 8 ½ x 11” paper and stack them together.  With the 2 papers together accordion fold them along the 11” side making 1” folds.   Keeping the papers together, mark 5 ½” to the center and make a hole in the center using your hole punch.

  2. With your papers still stacked, use your scissors to make a curved notch at each end removing about a 1 inch notch.

  3. Separate the two pieces of paper and stack them on top of each other lining up the center holes.

  4. Print out your flower pattern and cut out two flower shapes from cardstock or construction paper.  Make two holes where indicated in the pattern.

  5. Take your pipe cleaner and cut it in half.  With the two accordion folds stacked together, thread one section of pipe cleaner through the center hole and twist together at the side along the folds to secure.  Next thread the ends through the two holes in the flower shape and twist together to secure.  Clip excess and bend down any sharp ends toward the center of the flower.  Repeat this with the other flower and pipe cleaner on the other side of the fan.

  6. One section at a time, join together and tape 3 of the fan sections leaving one section unconnected.   

  7. Tape your Popsicle stick ends about 2 inches onto each of the remaining two sections of the fan, making sure they extend out the same amount.

  8. Now, unfold your fan and tie the two Popsicle sticks together with decorative ribbon.   When you are done using your fans you can untie the ribbon, and fold the fan back up, securing the two Popsicle sticks with the ribbon to maintain the fold.

Easy print version easy print icon Tea Party Fancy Fan craft Tea party Fancy Fan craft picture of folding the paper Tea Party Fancy Fan craft picture of step 3 Tea party Fancy fan craft attaching the flower to the fan Tea party fancy fan craft picture of joining the two edges of the fan Tea Party Fancy fan craft picture of step 2 Tea party fancy fan craft picture of inserting the pipe cleaner Tea party fancy fan craft picture of the attached flower Tea party fancy fan craft picture of attacing the handles Tea party fancy fan craft picture of attaching the ribbon to the handles
Flower pattern
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