Everyone loves a good joke - and kids are no exception!  These fun and silly jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone.  Pop them in your child's lunch bag or tell them at parties, they are sure to bring smiles.  We add new jokes all the time so check back often.  In honor of our new Pirate Crafts books- we are starting with our favorite Pirate jokes - arrrg!  

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Silly jokes for kids

Pirate Jokes


Why did the Pirate Captain buy a new ship??

Because it was on Sail!


Why couldn't the Pirates get into the movies??

Because it was rated Arrrrr!


Why was the marooned Pirate so clean??

Because he just washed up on shore!

What did the Pirates put on his toast??

The Jelly Roger!

How much did the Pirate pay to get his ear pierced??

A buck-an-ear!

What's playing at the Pirate theater??

Booty and the Beast!

Why couldn't the Pirate play cards on the ship??

Because he was standing on the deck!

Why did the crying Pirate run to his room when he stubbed his toe??

Because he had Private-tears!

Where did the Pirates stop for coffee?




What did the Mermaid ride to work?


A seahorse!


Where did the peg leg Pirate go for breakfast?




What do Pirates use at the gym?


Barrrrrr bells!

Why do Pirates leave kids home when they travel?


Because they keep asking,                         “Arrrrr we there yet?”

Why does it take Pirates so long to learn the alphabet?


Because they spend years                                  on sea!

What do you call the Pirate that skipped school?


Captain Hooky!

Why did the Pirate cross the ocean?


To get to the other tide!

Why couldn’t the Pirate give up sailing?


Because he was hooked!

What do you call a Pirate without an eye

patch or peg leg?


A beginner!

What did the Pirate say to Santa?



Why did the sharks swim in salt water?


Because pepper made them sneeze!

How does the mermaid wear her hair?



Why did the Pirate take out the trash?


Because it was garrrrrrbage day!

What did the Sharks eat for dinner?


Fish and Ships!

Why did the Captain go to the psychiatrist?


Because his ship was a

nervous wreck!

Where did the Pirate buy his new pants?



What did the Pirates have for dinner?



Why do seagulls fly over the sea?


Because if they flew over

the bay  they'd be bagels!

How do Pirates travel on land?


By taxi crab!

What did one Hook hand pirate say to the other??


You're looking sharp today!

What did the Peg leg Pirate say when his peg got stuck in the freezer?


Shiver me timbers!


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