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Mother's Day Butterfly Picture

This is a quick and pretty kid’s craft that is super simple.  No two butterflies are alike and they can be used in many ways.  This is a variation of our coffee filter butterflies but instead of using clothespins, we made a beautiful picture- Perfect as a present for Mom on Mother’s day or as a cheery springtime decoration. Try our other fun Mother's Day crafts: Lettuce give Mom Roses and Mother's Day Hug box


 What you'll need:

  • Watercolors or markers

  • Basket style coffee filter

  • Butterfly body printout

  • Flower patterns

  • Construction paper –12 x 18” blue and,  assorted other colors to be the flowers

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Laminator

  • Tape or Hot glue


How to make it:

  1. Print out the butterfly bodies and color with colored pencil, or use the full-color butterfly bodies and trim out.  Laminate your butterfly bodies and trim away the excess.  If you do not have a laminator, you can cover both sides of the butterfly body with clear plastic packing tape and trim away the excess. 

  2. Take your coffee filter and fold it in half.  Cut the folded filter in half to create two triangles.  Fold the points in about ½ inch and dab a tiny bit of hot glue on the tip to secure.  Use the glue gun on the low temp setting and have an adult supervise or use the glue.  Glue the two filter pieces together with the folded pieces overlapping.  Glue your butterfly body to the filters in the center with a line of hot glue.

  3. Decorate your butterflies with markers or watercolors.  The moisture from the paints or markers will make your butterfly fragile until it has dried fully so leave it to dry on a paper towel.  Once your butterfly has dried, you can glue it to your picture.

  4. While your butterflies are drying, cut a 3 x 18” strip of green construction paper.  Make small slits along one long end.  This will be the grass for your picture.  Glue the grass to the blue construction paper at the bottom. 

  5. Cut out your flower stems from green construction paper (Tip:  using two different greens – a dark and light green, will make your flowers stand out more).  Use a glue stick to paste your stems on top of the grass

  6. Print out the flower patterns and either color and cut out your flowers or use the patterns to cut the flower shapes from colored construction paper.  Glue your flowers to the stems with a glue stick.

  7. Last decide where you want your butterflies and use a dab of hot glue on the low temperature setting to glue your butterflies to the paper. 

  8. Write Happy Mother’s Day on your picture and you’re done! Mother's Day butterfly picture craft- so cute! Mother's Day butterfly picture step one picture Mother's day butterfly picture folding the wings picture Mother's day butterfly picture attacing the two wing sections picture Mother's day butterfly picture attaching the wings to the body picture Mother's day butterfly picture - picture of the butterflies Mother's day butterfly picture - picture of the flowers Mother's day butterfly picture - picture of the finished picture

Easy print version easy print icon Mother's day butterfly picture butterfly pattern Mother's day butterfly picture color butterfly pattern Mother's day butterfly picture flower pattern pieces Mother's day butterfly picture pattern of flower stem
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