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Winter Mitten Wreath

This fun little wreath is a simple and easy craft for kids.  After all the holiday decorations come down, they add a welcome touch of color to your room or window and are fun to make on those long days when you are stuck inside. 



What you'll need:

  • Colored cardstock or scrapbook patterned paper

  • Scissors

  • 10” paper plate

  • Ribbon for hanging

  • Glue stick

  • Markers/Crayons or pencils for decorating your mittens

  • Paper punch

  • Mitten Pattern


How to make it:

  1. Print out the mitten pattern and cut out 12 mittens in a variety of paper colors.  It is fun to mix and match colors to create interest. 

  2. Use a Marker to outline your mitten and draw in some pattern or decoration on the mitten. 

  3. Take your paper plate and cut out the center carefully with scissors leaving about a one-inch rim.  Use your hole punch to punch two holes 2 inches apart on one side.  Thread a ribbon through the two holes and tie off the two ribbon ends to create a loop for hanging.

  4. Next, place your plate on a flat surface with the bottom side up.  This will provide you with a flat surface to glue your mittens to.  Use a glue stick to glue your mittens to the plate, overlapping a little if desired.  (To add  strength to the wreath,  turn your wreath over and tape the backside of the mittens to the paper plate)

  5. Once you have all the mittens glued and taped to the plate, hang and enjoy! easy print icon

Easy print version Mitten wreath craft for kids Winter mitten wreath picture of paper
Kidfunideas. com Winter mitten wreath picture of making the wreath form from a paper plate Winter mitten wreath picture of decorating the mittens Winter mitten wreath picture of attachiing the mittens to the wreath form Winter mitten wreath picture of making holes in the back of the wreath form for hanging Winter mitten wreath mitten pattern
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