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Fire Breathing Dragon!     A Super Fun Magic Trick

This super cool magic trick is a big hit with kids.  They love fooling their audience and being in the spotlight as they make their dragon's breath fire!  Try out our other easy to make and use beginner magic craft projects and activities and you can put together your own awesome magic show!



What you'll need:

  •  2- 8 ½  x 11 “ pieces of Card stock or Construction Paper: Green

  • White glue

  • Optional: Laminator 

  • Tape

  • 12” or so length of red ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Markers or Crayons for decorating

  • Black marker

  • Glitter – optional

  • Dragon template pattern

How to make it:

  1. Print out the dragon pattern onto one piece of green cardstock.   Cut out the dragon and decorate with glitter, markers, or crayons. Set aside.  If you only have green copy paper, you can laminate your dragon for extra strength at this time, trimming away the excess lamination.  

  2. Take one sheet of paper and roll it along the short end into a tube shape, taping it on one end to where the paper is on the inside and where it ends on the outside of the tube.  It should be a fairly large tube, about 2 ¼” across.

  3. On the other end of the tube, tape your tube to where the paper ends on the outside of the tube.  On this side of the tube where the paper overlaps inside is where you will hide your ribbon.  Take one end of the ribbon and tape it to the inside of the tube between where the paper of the tube overlaps.  Next, take a piece of tape and tape only the very edge of where the inner paper ends.   You are creating a pocket of sorts.

  4. Use the pencil end of an eraser to gently push the ribbon into this little pocket.

  5. Tape along the inside of the tube where the paper of the tube ends.  Use your hands to flatten the ribbon in its compartment.

  6. Take your dragon and tape him to the tube with the face at the ribbon end of the tube and the tail at the other end.

  7. Look down the tube from the dragon’s tail side.  You will notice that the tube seems clear and there is no ribbon visible.  On the dragon’s head side of the tube, you will see the hiding spot where you have inserted your red ribbon.  This will be the fire.  Tip:  Use the eraser end of a pencil to push the ribbon into the hiding spot but, leave enough of the ribbon that you can still grab it to pull out, but don’t let it poke out past the end of the tube. 

  8. You are now ready to do your trick.  Tell your audience that you are going to make this dragon breath fire.  Show your audience that the tube is completely empty by letting them look down the tail end of the tube. Next, take your hand or Magic wand (a black pencil with a white eraser works well for this) and say your magic words:

 Abracadabra!  Reach in and pull out your ribbon. 


Ta-Da! Fire!

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