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Pixie Lights!

Magical Pixies are in the air!  This adorable Fairy in a Jar craft is fun to make in and hang in the garden or place in your room as a sweet night light.  Make a bunch at a sleepover and your guests can take one home.  Sprinkled with Fairy dust, they are a great addition to our other Fairy-themed crafts.

What you'll need:

  • Empty and dry  wide-mouth Ball canning jar

  • Iridescent silver micro glitter

  • Laminator or clear plastic packing tape

  • Glass paint ( We used Plaid brand gallery glass for this project)

  • Glitter it! Liquid (This is a thin clear liquid adhesive that you can find in most craft stores)

  • Sponge paintbrush

  • Scissors

  • Fairy pattern

  • Battery operated mini twinkle lights or peel and stick battery operated click lights

  • If you would like to hang your fairy lights you will need flexible garden wire and pliers.


How to make it:

  1. To make your Fairy:  Print out the fairy shadow patterns and cut away the white paper around the image.  Laminate your images leaving at least an inch and a half on either side of each image.  Laminating the fairy allows you to place it in the jar so it doesn’t tip over. 

  2. Clean out and dry your glass canning jar.  

  3. To color the inside of the jar:

    • Mix approximately 1 tsp glass paint with ¼ tsp of the Glitter It! liquid inside the glass jar.  Use your sponge brush to work the paint all around the inside of the jar in smooth strokes.  The more even the coverage on the inside of the jar, the better the result.  Add more paint if necessary or mix colors if you like to get just the color you are looking for.

    • Sprinkle your glitter on the wet paint inside the jar and set it aside to dry completely.

  4. Decorating the lid:  There are many ways you can decorate your fairy jar lid- you can:

    • Wrap ribbon loosely around the rim and tack it into place with a dot of hot glue or masking tape.

    • Glue craft gems all around the outside edge of the lid

    • Glue scrunched up ribbon all around the outer rim of the lid and then glue on flowers

    • Apply glue and sprinkle with glitter

    • Use your imagination or, leave it plain

  5. If you are using the peel and stick battery operated click on lights, remove the adhesive cover and stick it onto the inside of the lid.  It should fit perfectly into your canning jar.  If you are using a strand of mini twinkle lights, place the strand inside of the jar once your paint is dry and leave only enough of the excess wire and battery pack coming out of the jar so that the battery pack can sit on the table beside your jar.

  6.  Place your laminated fairy inside the jar once the paint is dry.   If you have applied a really thick coat of paint, place the fairy against the inside edge of the jar so she is more visible.

  7. To make a handle: 

    • You will need three pieces of flexible garden wire or sturdy craft wire.  Cut one 11” piece and bend it into a U shape.  Use your fingers or pliers to bend the ends towards the curved center 1 “on each side.  This will be your handle.

    • Cut two 7” sections of wire.  One at a time bend each section around the neck of the jar tightly.  Use pliers to bend the wire away from the center of the jar curve.  Repeat this for the other wire. Pixie light craft! fairy in a jar craft Fairy in a Jar craft
fairy in a jar (32).JPG fairy in a jar craft
light for fairy jar (2).JPG fairy in a jar craft
fairy in a jar (42).JPG
fairy in a jar (39).JPG

Easy print version 

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