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Spider Web Lacing Project

This simple kid’s craft project is just right for the Halloween season.  These spider webs are fun to do, build fine motor skills, and use very few supplies.  Make the cute spider and you can hang it up for decoration when done.     Try out our other Kidfunideas Halloween projects too.


What you'll need:

  • Heavy-duty paper plate

  • Scissors

  • Black plastic string, ribbon, or yarn

  • Tape

  • Hole punch

  • Googly eyeballs & white glue

  • Black Craft Foam or cardstock

  • Black pipe cleaner

  • One cone-shaped coffee filter


How to make the web:

  1. Take your paper plate and using your hole punch, make holes all along the rim of the plate.   You should be able to fit 12 holes around the rim of the plate. Cut out the Witch’s house and glue it to the center of the plate.

  2. Take your string, ribbon, or yarn and wrap a piece of tape around the end to create a “needle”.

  3. Tie one end of your ribbon to one of the holes you made.  Leave about an inch or two of the string from your tied off the string.  This is where we will attach the ghost. 

  4. Start “sewing” in a crisscross pattern back and forth from one hole to another.  There is no correct order for this project.  Leave the hole directly below the witch’s house for last.  This is where your spider will hang.  If you start to run out of ribbon, tie another piece to the end and keep going until you have gone through all the holes.  When you get to the last hole below the witch’s house, loop your string twice through that hole and tape your spider to the end of the string. 

To Make the Spider:

  1. Cut an oval from craft foam and using a small diameter hole punch, make 2 holes on either side of the narrow ends of the oval. 

  2. Cut your pipe cleaner in half.  Then take one of the halves and cut it in half.  Use one of these small pieces and insert each piece through both holes on each side of the spider bending the pipe cleaner at the ends.

  3. Glue on eyeballs and draw in a mouth, or use the spider with the mouth already drawn.

  4. Attach the spider to the end of the string below the witch’s house.

To Make the Ghost:

  1.  Take your cone-shaped coffee filter and turn it inside out.  This will make it more three-dimensional.  Glue on googly eyes and draw in a mouth.  Tape the ghost to the excess string that from where you tied off your string in the beginning.

spider lacing (1).JPG
Spooky Town Witch House color.jpg

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