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What's in The Crayon Box?!

Welcome to What's in the Crayon Box?! This is a new blog devoted to crafts, crafting techniques, engaging kids, encouraging quality time with your kids and making crafting fun and accessible. Each week I will talk about a new craft or activity, explore a crafting product or technique or thrown down a crafting challenge. The goal here is to have fun and get creative.

So let's get started. This week I would like to talk about Pool Noodles. So last week I'm walking through Target with my son Jake and we passed this big display of pool noodles. It's spring and it is starting to get warmer outside but nowhere near needing a noodle weather. But this jaunty pile of noodles is calling to me...just take me home. Before I know it, two or three noodles are in the cart...Ok, four noodles, five if I'm being honest. So we get home with the six noodles and I decide we need to get creative and make something with them. Here's what we came up with - Pool noodle rocket! Try it yourself or use your noodle and see what you can come up with.

Step one: cut a six inch section of noodle and attach a cone to the top and wings to either side to form your rocket. Use a balled up piece of duct tape (sticky side out) on the inside of the cone to attach it to the noodle. You will need to add two slits to the sides of the rocket to insert your wings.

Step two: Make a tube out of card stock that will fit into the hole of the pool noodle. Tape the tube together.

Step three: Insert the paper tube into a clean dry 5 liter soda or water bottle and use duct tape to tape it securely to the bottle.

Step four: Insert the bottom of the rocket onto the tube and stomp or squeeze hard on the bottle. The air should launch your rocket and into space you go!

Cut a 6 inch section of noodle and attach a cone top and side wings
make a tube out of card stock and tape it together.  Insert the tube into a clean dry 5 liter plastic bottle.  Use duct tape to secure the tube to the bottle.

Insert the rocket into the tube and stomp on the bottle or squeeze hard.

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