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Story Maker

Hi everybody!

Here’s a fun #kid #activity you can play just about anywhere, whether you are #stuckinside or on a camping trip. All you need is your imagination. This is called Story Maker.

You can play with a big group or as little as 2 players. They can be live or you can Facetime or Skype on your phone. This is a way to tell a story as a group. I think it’s fun because you have all different personalities chiming in with all different ideas.

Here is how to play:

1. Choose one person to start the story. Whatever the first letter of their name is, they will come up with a character name and, what that character is. For example, if your name is Paul, your character could be a Penguin named Penny or a Policeman named Officer Percy or a superhero named The Purple Prune.

2. Next, pass the story to the next person. That person continues the story and comes up with something the character wants that starts with the letter of the character’s name. For Example: Penny Penguin wants more than anything to be a Pirate in search of priceless jewels or, Penny Penguin has always wanted to be a princess, or Penny Penguin has always wanted to be the world’s best pizza maker.

3. The story passes to the next person, and they decide what your character will do to make their dreams come true. For example: So, Penny Penguin set off one day kissing her Mom and Dad goodbye and joins a crew of Pirate Penguins. Or, So, Penny Penguin decided to enroll in Princess school so she could become a princess.

4. The story passes on until you have made up the entire thing. Your group can make up all the parts of the story, or, can choose an idea slip from the list below. If you really like your story, you can write it down and come up with illustrations to go with it. The point is to have fun and use your imagination to create something.

Happy Writing!

Storytelling idea prompts:

1) Just then…a new character enters and wants

2) Just then…your character gets a hole in something important

3) Just then…your character discovers…

4) Just then…your character meets someone really good or really bad

5) Suddenly your character discovers…..

6) Your character arrives at…

7) Your character decides to…..

8) Secretly someone is watching your character and wants…

9) All at once, your character is covered in …

10) Suddenly, your character trips and falls into…

11) Just when things were looking good/bad, this happens…..

12) A new character throws something purple at your character

13) Your character discovers something surprising….

14) Your character is chased by a bunch of…

15) Oh no! Is this the end of our characters??

16) Your story ends. Did your character get what she hoped for?


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