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5 Fun activities to do with kids for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and that usually means lots of family time, no school and gathering with family and friends. For kids this time can be both exciting and stressful. Often times there is traveling involved missed naps and a lack of structure and schedule. So with that in mind, here are a couple of activities to share with your kids during thanksgiving break:

Cornucopia Thanksgiving snacks for kids

Cornucopia snacks: These little Thanksgiving treats are just right for kids at the holiday table or for a school feast day treat. We used waffle cones from the store and shaped them into cornucopia snacks. The waffle cones can be filled with any number of small goodies

Thanksgiving turkey maze activity for kids

Thanksgiving table fun: Often times, kids are at a separate table than adults at large events. Why not make their time there more fun by covering the table with a sheet of white butcher paper. You can put cups of crayons out and they can color all over the “tablecloth”. If they are at one big table, how about taking a cue from some of the restaurants and giving them a paper place mat to color or one of our fun Turkey maze sheets. We have two different mazes to choose from. paper plate turkey craft for kids

Paper plate turkey craft: Gobble, Gobble! Here is a fun craft for kids that fits in perfectly with Thanksgiving and Autumn. They look so cut and a little silly and great to hang a window or as part of your Thanksgiving decorations.

The Turkey is a Silly bird Thanksgiving craft for kids

Silly turkey craft: This easy kid’s craft is super fun for kids to make. A fun rhyme is included with this craft. Once the kids make their silly turkeys, they can show their relatives at the holiday feast. This craft uses easy to find toilet paper tubes and Popsicle sticks to make the turkey’s head move.

Any kid who’s watched Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving knows that the Peanut’s gang had toast, pretzels, popcorn and jellybeans. Gather a bunch of clear plastic cups and gather your ingredients. We used Cinnamon toast crunch cereal instead of pieces of toast. These little cups are fun for the kids to pass out. Just print out the Snoopy sheets and cut away the excess paper. To make them stronger you can mount them on cardstock and trim away the excess or laminate them. Then add your Snoopy toppers to cups filled with treats.

Have fun with your kids this Thanksgiving!

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