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What's in the Crayon Box?! June Issue

Welcome to, What’s in the Crayon Box - June Issue

Today in the Crayon box is - Mystery Craft Challenge!! What’s that, you say? Well it goes like this:

We start by writing down on little slips of paper, numbers 1-20. These numbers will represent the aisles in a store. I put them in a big bowl.

Then we write down on little slips of paper the names of 5 or 6 places to shop – we chose: Beverly’s, Home Depot, Michael’s, Target, Kmart, and OSH. We add those names to a different bowl.

The challenge: Take your isle number and go to the chosen store. You must pick 1-2 items $5 or less from the chosen aisle and make a craft, game, activity or recipe using that item. If you happen to choose an aisle with unusable items (like medications or cleaners – go to the next nearest aisle that has a usable item and choose.

My son Jake picked aisle 6 and the store Beverly’s (that’s our local craft store). I was super excited to be going to the craft store. Who knew what interesting thing he might choose. So, we get to Beverly’s and find aisle 6. Our budget is $5. This month it is Jake’s turn to pick an item because I picked pool noodles last month. He picked a bag of rocks. Hmm, rocks? Really Jake? How about those super pretty bags of sea glass? No- rocks. Ok, rocks it is. So this is what we made with the rocks:

Rock Art: Using the rocks from the store we made fun pictures using the interesting shapes of the rocks. This is a super fun activity for kids to do to stretch their imagination. Give it a try, yourself - you'll find out that rocks can ROCK!

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