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5 Great Ways to Treat Dad on Father's Day!

Father’s Day is coming this Sunday! Dad does awesome stuff for us all year long and we want to make his day super fun. Here are 5 things you can make and do for your Pop to make him feel like the super duper Dad he is.


Knock, Knock Joke Card for Dad

Who doesn’t like a laugh?

Make this really fun card for your Dad and share some smiles on Father’s Day.

This fun accordion card is easy and quick for kids to make. Just print, color and assemble - perfect for Dad on his special day. Get the directions here.



Super Dad Cupcakes

Give Dad a treat and make him these yummy Super Dad Cupcakes!

Super Dad Cupcakes

These cupcakes are so fun. Made in an ice cream cone we attached a super hero cape and emblem to the front . Find the recipe here.



Tarzan's Banana Smoothy

Make Dad a super refreshing tropical smoothy with breakfast! Our Tarzan Banana Smoothy will show him he’s king of the jungle in your book. Find the recipe here.

Tarzan's Banana Smoothy